我们提供网络营销培训和ONLINE LEAD GENERATION培训,帮助海外华人专业服务型公司通过互联网带来更多高价值的客户。

We help professional service companies get high quality customers by providing training on online lead generation. 

Customer's Reviews

Joanna Zhang


My name is Joanna Zhang, the Founder and CEO from the Entrepreneurs Soulmate. 

I have been working with Kai for a while. What impresses me most is that he is such a professional and responsible consultant, who can actually guide you through the process of unpacking ideas, choosing the right online marketing channels and using the correct strategy to really promote your products. 

Many business owners, such as myself, we have many ideas, but we are all struggling with the implementation part in our online marketing. We may have the tactics for social media marketing, but we lack of strategies behind the scene. This has caused a lot of the issues such as waste of budget and time. 

Even though we have spent a lot of money on difference online marketing channels, but we don’t really know which one will bring us the best result. So we just keep on trying and testing without a clear direction. A lot of our efforts have been wasted in terms of budget and labour cost until we run out of our ideas and are exhausted. 

As business owners, we need to have holistic strategies behind the scene, and be guided by a professional online marketing consultant such as Kai, holding our hands to guide us through, unpacking ideas, designing strategies, figuring out a way to break down the whole process to practical steps. Achieving realistic goals and having the best outcomes are the best things we can have. 

Kai has training and consulting programs which can help us choose the right channels with his professional online marketing strategies. I really hope that Kai’s training and consulting programs can change your mindset and really best help your marketing from the top strategy level and gradually work out the best process for your business. 

I would highly recommend Kai to other business owners who have similar situations like me.

Yan Shao





就这样,我参加了Kai的SEO 和Online Marketing的课程。


现在通过我们Google Analytics的后台统计,每个月通过搜索引擎找到我们公司网站的至少超过1000人以上,而且通过搜索引擎带来的流量还在不断提高。

Kai的SEO和Online Marketing的课程非常有用,不但帮我们解决了网站的问题,还帮我们公司长期地源源不断地带来客户和网站流量。


Joy Xu





另外,Kai还建立了一些交流群,为我们这些small business owners提供了一个交流心得的平台,我现在很忙,等时间多些,我也希望能参加通过这个平台举办的一些线下活动,让大家可以更多地进行面对面的交流。


Rebecca Zhao

I studied Kai’s 4-weeks training program “10 mins a day social media profit system” with in April 2018. 

At the time, I just started to figure out what kind of business to I would like to do and was overwhelmed by how to get my business message across to the world. There are so many choices, marketing channels available to use, but each one of them is so time consuming. 

Kai’s training program attracted my attention immediately. I signed up as soon as I finished listening to his webinar on 22 March 2018. 

After 4 weeks, step by step following his homework and practice in the training program, I went through a mind map, which helped me jot down all of my ideas in a very logical and analytical way on paper. By going through each of the available marketing channel, I was able to identify the 20/80 focus social media tools for my particular business type. 
Through Kai’s training program, I have also made myself familiarized with so many apps and tools that can be used to make my life so much easier. I was able to implement those tools right after his demonstration. 
Although I still haven’t built a website yet, which is the ultimate marketing and client management system , I am now have a much clearer idea of what kind of business I am going to do, what kind of social media I can use to generate interests and to get message out. It was the best investment I have ever made to grow my business.

The best of all to me is Kai’s caring and continued support to his clients such as me. He makes himself approachable. Just in last month, a small tip received from him on how to use a video recording system has made my presentation to my clients so much easier and professional. 

Thank you Kai! Much appreciate it. I look forward to studying more with you in the near future.

Jacky Wang


Kai 目前是我的智囊大师。每次与他交流,让我这种光杆司令,有了许多新的思路。员工毕竟只是工作,思考的东西还是要靠老板自己和智囊团。智囊团提供专家意见,再由专业的工作人员去执行,会有很好的效果。



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Our Digital Marketing Campaign Performance

Client A: 2018 Feb. to Mar. Google advertising campaign

One month AD budget:      $ 2760 AUD

AD views:                              1.53 Million

Visitor to client web page:   12,700 visitor

Client B:   2018 Feb. to Mar. , Google advertising campaign

One month AD budget:      $ 1900 AUD

AD views:                           1.2 Million

Visitor to client web page:   7270 visitor

Client C: 2018 Sep.. to Oct. Google advertising campaign

One month AD budget:      $ 500 AUD

AD views:                            1.1 Million

Visitor to client web page:   13,800 visitor

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