Kai Yan (中文名 颜开) is the CEO and Founder of iWebPower.

Kai is the leading expert in online lead generation strategy. 

Kai has a Chinese background and he is fluent in both Mandarin and English. His Podcast ranks NO.1 for “online marketing” in Chinese language on Apple iTune Store with thousands of audiences around the world.

He is especially dedicated in helping Chinese professional services businesses in Australia and other countries, to generate high quality leads by using online lead generation strategy to expand their business to local mainstream market and local Chinese market.

Kai came to Australia as a Chinese overseas student at a young age, completed his IT master degree in Wollongong University.

Kai always has a passion for digital marketing. He truly believes that digital marketing presents a massive opportunity to attract high quality new customers, but he has noticed that many Chinese professional services businesses are struggling to utilise digital marketing for their business lead generation. He is determined to use his best professional knowledge and language advantage to help them. 

With the right online lead generation system and tools, you can target the right audience and drive them to your marketing and sales funnels, generating high quality leads and sales.

Kai’s training and consulting program has helped many Chinese professional services businesses in Australia and in other countries.